Mirroring the act of accumulation of air within its bellows, our Accordion collects the individual breath, layering, and building upon its fragmented nature. The intent of this zine is to bring together many different creative voices in an open dialogue fostered within the community of its pages. Promoting a casual atmosphere in which to present and explore both finished and in progress ideas, Accordion is a place where images and text can exist outside of the potential pressures of the exhibition space, or academic publication. Here any hierarchical attitude towards image over text or vice versa is opposed. Instead each can express the possibility of resonance one has with the other, but never subordinate to.

Accordion hopes to find a voice somewhere in the space between studio to gallery, notebook to essay, or blog to magazine.

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Contributors: Silvi Naçi, Maria Molteni, Tim Devin, Genesis Báez, Glenn Harcourt, Emmy Bright, Arianna Ortiz, Ian Deleón, Gabriel Sosa, Lydia Harrington, Faizal Westcott, Dana Prieto, Rhonda Ratray, Zespo, Henry Kunkel, Chanel Thervil, Cris Schayer, Walt B., Salvador Jiménez-Flores & Urbano Project Fellows,

Produced and edited by Maggie Jensen

Editors note // In this third publication of the art zine Accordion, the work of twenty artists, performers, art historians, and writers has been brought together around the theme of the Gatekeeper. It seeks to describe such societal and emblematic roadblocks as encountered by each contributor, and to provide space for many differing narratives. This theme has long been on my mind and Accordion itself was born in an effort to bypass some of the restrictions placed on young artists by commercial exhibition spaces. In light of the Trump era political climate we find ourselves in, the concept of negotiating the Gatekeeper feels all the more urgent to discuss as historically ignored barriers come to the forefront of much creative work.

The images and text collected in this issue range from photography, documents of performance and installation, illustrations, projects of social intervention, biographical and theoretical texts, and poetry. The works delve into both institutional and personal barriers that are embedded in the fabric of creative and everyday life.