Accordion is a free self-published art zine, curated and produced by Maggie Jensen since 2014. Each issue is formed around a loose theme that allows those working across many disciplines to connect and explore new directions in their work.

Issue 2 was co-produced by Luke Mannarino


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Mirroring the act of accumulation of air within its bellows, our Accordion collects the individual breath, layering, and building upon its fragmented nature.

The intent of this zine is to bring together many different creative voices in an open dialogue fostered within the community of its pages. Promoting a casual atmosphere in which to present and explore both finished and in progress ideas, Accordion is a place where images and text can exist outside of the potential pressures of the exhibition space, or academic publication. Here any hierarchical attitude towards image over text or vice versa is opposed. Instead each can express the possibility of resonance one has with the other, but never subordinate to.

Existing in print medium Accordion is aware of the importance of growing in a community that relies on the possibilities an online presence allows artists to work together. However, it also realizes a need for the alternative tactile platform. As we have become more and more accustomed to scrolling through a stream of online images it is easy to ignore the unique experience that flipping back and forth through pages at random, and holding together different combinations of image and text, offers to the viewing experience.

Accordion hopes to find a voice somewhere in the space between studio to gallery, notebook to novel, or blog to magazine.

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Selected works from Issue 1, "Art & Space", 2014

Selected works from Issue 2, "What Can't You Say", 2015