Buzzing and HMMMing for You
two-channel audio piece, speakers, plywood, particle board, enamel paint, linoleum tile, house paint, speaker grills, PVC pipe, EMT conduit
dimensions variable

The piece Buzzing and HMMMing for You pairs human murmurs with non-human electronic feedback in a two-channel audio recording constructed around the form of a four-chord pop song.

This work addresses my interest in thinking about how as human members of a society we are often governed by non-human systems of communication, by hierarchies of language and gesture and sound that are formed by inorganic objects. The hum is a tool for examining breakdowns in standardization of machine communication, especially in relation to the idiosyncrasies of human vocal tendencies. As an utterance, the hum crosses the boundaries between human and non-human sound. The hum exists prior to a coherent utterance. The hum pushes against closed lips eager to release our beliefs into the world. The hum is the absurd. The hum discombobulates our desires to speak and to be heard, with all the inevitable stutters or constipations.