Gallery Kayafas
July, 2017

Curated by Danielle Abrams, Furen Dai, Tory Fair, Leah Triplett Harrington, Maggie Jensen, Silvi Naçi, Laine Rettmer, Jeannie Simms, and Nabeela Vega

Organized by Silvi Naçi


Accordion Issue 3, Gatekeeper
July, 2017

Contributors: Genesis Báez, Emmy Bright, Salvador Jiménez-Flores (Urbano Projects), Faizal Westcott, Silvi Naçi, Ronda Ratray, Gabriel Sosa, Tim Devin, Glenn Harcourt, Ian Deleon, Dana Prieto, Maria Molteni, Walt B., Ian Deleón, Cris Schayer, Arianna Ortiz, Henry Kunkel, Lydia Harrington, Chanel Thervil, Zespo

Curated and Produced by Maggie Jensen



Small Motors: Real Fans, Replicas, And Robots...
Gallery Kayafas
February 28 - March 1, 2016

A Pop-Up exhibition with curated spaces by Dina Deitsch, Maggie Jensen, Pamela Campanaro and Anya Klepacki with a special performance by "Guardians of the Secret".

Featuring work by: Zachary Naylor, Ann Strassman, Pat Falco, Kristine Roan, Raul Gonzalez, Anthony Palocci, Nick Schietromo, Elaine Bay, Andrew Neumann, Maria Molteni, Julia Parker, Scott Patrick Wiener, Tim McCool, Lucy Wood Baird, Tory Fair, Judy Haberl, Alexi Antoniadis, Evelyn Rydz, Adrielle Farr, Coorain Devin, Fani Avramopoulos, Finley Janes, Jil Crary-Ross, Kawandeep Virdee, Keaton Fox, Kiki Clougherty, Samantha Gozlan, Simon Remiszewski, Joe Lovasco, Trifecta Editions (Morgan Grenier and Helen Popinchalk), Aubrey Gauthier, Katherine Mitchell Dirico, Cory Wasnewsky, Maura O'Connor, Ryan Kumicz, Taylor Clough, Paul Belenky, Jack Byers, and Megan and Murray McMillan.

Produced by Robert Moeller



PROMPT : 5 artists. 4 installments. 8 weeks. 
13FOREST Gallery
February 27 - April 24, 2015

Artists: Xiaowei Chen, Suzi Grossman, Vanessa Irzyk, Lindsey Kocur, Sarah Rushford

The artists in this evolving exhibition have been allotted wall sections in which they have been asked to map out a number of segments in any formation they like. On opening day of the exhibition, each artist will have added one work (or grouping of works) inside one of these segments, leaving the remaining empty. As the show progresses, about every two weeks, the artists will fill another segment with additional work. Over time their respective projects will be prompted by the exhibition segments and by each other's contributions to the site.

This exhibit considers how objects can perform and respond to each other within the framework of a gallery exhibition. Here the gallery walls will cease to be static receptacles of established work, and become a site for transformation and re-imagining as artists add new work over time. This process of making and un-making of meaning is typically hidden from the public within artists' studios. Prompt is a prolonged discourse that activates the gallery walls by both the artist and the public for a continued learning experience enriched by time. 

Curated by Maggie Jensen

More here.

Accordion Issue 2: What Can't You Say
February, 2015

Contributors: Ben Aron, Michelle Garcia, Cydney Gottlieb, Maggie Jensen, Henry Kunkel, CL Mannarino, Daisy Novoa Vásquez, Rosie Ranauro, Robert Rossoff, Sarah Rushford, Lenny Schnier, Kate Wildman

Produced by Maggie Jensen & Luke Mannarino

What Can’t You Say is a collection of work dealing with the complexities that arise from the creative practice of translating one’s own work or the work of another into a different form, location, or language.  Communication gaps are still vast despite our ever-evolving understanding of the barriers that separate each from the other in this world. The artists in this issue consider how reconfiguring the subject and selfhood can bridge such distances, however briefly. The translator should no longer be seen as a mediator of information, but rather as another kind of producer, one who calls for alternate spaces of encounter and new intersections of meaning and purposes.  In this new space, creative practice is often one of assemblage and of collaboration through the marrying of multiple means of expression, some personal, some appropriated.



October 21 - November 14, 2014

An exhibition based on modern reinterpretations of the one-sheet broadside. This body of work finds its place between the ephemeral, commercialized object and something more lasting, tactile, and intimate or conceptual. The artists investigate a range of interests including those of aesthetics, politics, humor, cartoons, poetics, and social issues. By conflating message and medium, Broadside explores how outmoded means of communication continue to hold sway in the contemporary imagination.


Elaine Bay, Tim Devin, Pat Falco, Raúl Gonzalez III, TJ Kelley III, Tim McCool, Robert Moeller, Maria Molteni, Rhonda Ratray, Sarah Rushford, Adria Sutter

Curated by: Maggie Jensen

Full exhibition text here.



490 Harrison Ave. Boston, 2015

 Featuring work by: Dead Art StarSandrine SchaeferJ.R Uretsky, Pat FalcoVela OmaAntoniadis and StoneJulia ParkerTaylor CloughCaleb Cole, Raul GonzalezAnthony Palocci JrMaria MolteniGenesis BáezWilliam F. ClarkTom MaioColleen KielyGeoff HargadonLiz AlexanderNick SchietromoElaine BayAnia GrucaKirk Amaral SnowCharlotte ChapmanSkye AstaTodd DanforthTJ Kelly lllTim McCoolSuzy EvansAndrea Sherrill Evans, Dave OrtegaDan DeRosatoJill Slosburg-Ackerman. With small curated spaces by Leonie Bradbury, Maggie Jensen, Maggie Cavallo and Dina Deitsch. Product placement courtesy of milk-loaded (Kristine Roan and Jena Tegeler)

With very special thanks to Arlette and Gus Kayafas

 Curated by Robert Moeller. A Do More With Less Production.