Guardians of the Secret
Performance, QR codes, video, and 2 act play

Performance and videos: Max Braverman, Lauren Costa, AnnaMaria Craparotta, Michelle Garcia, Jill Hurley, Maggie Jensen, Luke Mannarino, Carmello Nicotra, Rosie Ranauro, and Lenny Schnier
Text and production: Maggie Jensen

In reference to Jackson Pollock’s 1943 painting, this performance expands upon Pollack’s theme of the ineffable nature of ‘reading’ a work of art, extended here to the inability of an art institution to do that for the viewer, however much it tries. It points to the irony of visitors’ asking the guard, gallery attendant, or wall label to play interpreter of one’s own experience and to the all too common belief that someone associated with the gallery ought to have the answers to the artwork’s questions filed away for a viewer’s random access.

Through each performers’ link ‘ID badges’, we let into the gallery space a little bit of what we are outside the gallery walls in order to break the complex facades that make up one’s gallery experience.

Documentation from performance at Gallery Kayafas, Boston, MA, on February 28th, 2016

GoTS play text.jpg