Logan Center Gallery

Reception: Thursday July 12, 2018, 6-8pm

From July 9-July 13 we invite you to join us in a performance, where under the cypher of a first and last name you can share a narrative, a story, an identity, and participate in the development of the piece as it unfolds. Names are important, obviously. They go beyond what we think we know about them, as well as about ourselves or others. They carry cryptic, often convoluted histories mapped across geography and time. They are both utterly personal and fully public. As the identities are submitted the gallery will slowly accrue and weave real and proximate personages from around our specific communities with fictional or far away characters.

To bring us a name and be included in the piece you can:
Visit the gallery Monday, July 9 -Thursday, July 12, 9am-9pm
Email us at - submitaname@gmail.com
Message us on FB -https://www.facebook.com/July-9-13-2018-Logan-Center-Gallery-21322380170...

No information besides the name of a person is needed, and we thank you for the unknown or known stories that go with it.

Produced and performed by Michal Koszycki & Maggie Jensen